Saturday, April 19, 2008

future events in the UK:

from Conversations with Fjordman

1. The British government continues its suicidal policy of promoting Multiculturalism and cracking down on British “racists”.

2. A precipitating incident by an immigrant or group of immigrants sparks violence, with mobs of angry Britons taking the law into their own hands.

3. The riot police and possibly military troops are summoned by the government to quell the “racist hooligans.”

4. At this point a true civil war has begun, with the Government and civil authorities, in tacit alliance with the Islamists, fighting native Britons.

5. Elements of the police and the military are reluctant to fight against their own countrymen — with whom they are in broad agreement — and they defect to the “racist” side of the conflict.

6. Next step…? Perhaps a full civil war?

AND the U.S.?

A similar sequence of events--with adaptations to fit differences between U.S. and UK--are possible. See

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