Friday, September 18, 2009

Al Qaida threatens ugly actions in Germany after elections

translated from LA - Internacional: Al Qaeda amenaza con atentar en Alemania tras las elecciones

Berlin. German television broadcasts a video of Islamist Bekkay Harrach demanding the withdrawal of German troops in Afghanistan [or face the consequences]

18/09/2009 updated 18: 38 pm Berlin International. (EFE).-

The terrorist organization Al Qaida threatens harmful actions in Germany after the 27 September elections if the government resulting from the elections does not call for the withdrawal of the German troops from Afghanistan.

According to a video accessed by the major German television network (ARD), the organization threatens Germany with a "bitter awakening" if the new Government, after the election, does not put an end to the German mission in Afghanistan.

The network announced that the person who made the threats on behalf of Al-Qaeda is Bekkay Harrach, Germano-Moroccan Islamist sought in Germany for supposed terrorist activity. "If the people decide by their choice of government a continuation of the war, they will have sentenced themselves to what will befall them."

"The general elections are the only opportunity to the people to shape the policy of the country," says Harrach in the video. The alleged terrorist also adds that "When the last German soldier leaves Afghanistan, the last mujahaddeen will leave Germany".

Harrach repeatedly appeared last year on a propaganda video for Al-Qaida, and in this last video, according to ARD, he urges resident Muslims in Germany to stay "away from public places" two weeks after the elections.

The German Federal Prosecutor's Office speculates that Harrach was recruited into the terrorist organisation by the Turkish Islamist Ömer Ö, which is currently being investigated in Koblenz (South Germany) for their alleged membership in Al Qaeda.

Translated from Al Qaeda amenaza con atentar en Alemania tras las elecciones, La

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