Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thinking Dangerous Thoughts . . .

. . . can get one in trouble

or can it?

This past weekend the NY based Islamic Thinkers Society crashed the Israel Day Parade in Manhattan. Keeping with their past track record they spewed nothing but hate while calling for the destruction of Israel.

Thinkers indeed. I think I need to get a gun for the next parade.

The above from Islamic "thinkers" think it's all right to call for the re-opening of Auschwitz

COMMENT by me (Leslie White)

Free Speech for them Musulims, okay, but with what's in the White House, how long can Americans expect to enjoy Free Speech because of the First Amendment?

The administration is rapidly becoming a tyranny of czars and an unbalance of powers in the government with the Executive branch grabbing it all. With the control of the Supreme Court, he's got two thirds and can start re-interpreting the Constitution in his favor. (Who's he? The clown in power.)

COMMENT at barenakedislam:

by fred g

I can think of a few good signs myself

“Anyone who supports Obama is the enemy of America”

“Muslims are child rapists, and Obama is a muslim!”

I could list a few more, but then Id have the newly formed Obama gestapo on my doorestep murdering me for exercising my free speech righs

Comment by barenakedislam on June 7, 2009 12:29 am
Not yet, Fred, we still have free speech but who know for how long? After he shuts down talk radio he’s coming for the bloggers. Next year I’ll be sure to go to that parade and I’ll take a few Marines with me.

And from another site comes this COMMENT:

This country is under attack by people even more sinister and power hungry than Hitler was. Our war is here and now. You and other patriots like us, are the leaders that will take this country back. We have the power, the will and the numbers to do so. If we all do our part, we can rid this republic of the leeches that are killing it.

and in answer to it:

Make NO mistake America, the time is coming, we WILL have open warfare in the streets and fields of this nation, it’s only a matter of time, and sooner or later, we will fight here and win, or we will lose and AMERICA will die!

Foregoing two Comments from What has our *Greatest Generation* become?
June 6th, 2009 . by TexasFred

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OK, here's something to think about:

Overture to Civil War: There's Something Happening Here . . . and it ain't good at all
When the same idea comes from unconnected sources, separated by time and the wall that stands between life and death, it's more than a coincidence.

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