Sunday, October 26, 2008


Or can they perhaps be classified as--ah--Animals?

Before you (Moslems and their Western apologists and would-be-protectors) jump down my throat, hold on . . .

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and then judge.

ah--and be sure to check the first Comment to this post!


urbanadder22 said...

Of course I do not believe that Moslems are animals nor less than human. All a Moslem or a Muslimah has to do is leave Islam--like the good people at "Islam Watch" or at "Faith Freedom International (FFI)", and like the other countless ex-Moslems and ex-Muslimahs--and they become as human as we are, even more so, because they understand what it is to be forced to act less than human.

As for the poor Muslimah Shabana Muhammad, who thinks of herself as an animal because of her Islamic heritage, she has another problem:

"We Muslims have no brains and we will go on producing children like machines till our Muslim army is big enough to defeat the Kafir army."
--Shabana Muhammad, Where can I buy a brain?

urbanadder22 said...

Before I forget, if you have read, as you should have, "A Letter from an Animal" by Shabana Muhammad, there's something I have to tell you.

It's a propos of her "If a girl is walking naked on the streets, a kafir may look at her curiously but may not jump on her. But our Muslim men will no be able to control themselves and it is a sure bet that the girl will be raped. Even by seeing the hands, legs or face of a woman, a Muslim man gets sexually aroused. Self-control is a word, which is not there in our Islamic dictionary. Even our prophet never tried to hide his animal like sexual urges. He not only enjoyed many women, he also tried a 9-yr old girl."

MA Khan, in his "Editor's Note" maintains, "When a young girl walks on the street naked, definitely Muslims will, with much higher frequency, jump on her and rape her. But non-Muslim homo sapiens will also do the same albeit in lower frequency."

He then goes on to defend animals (real "animal-animals") citing as an example male dogs will not sexually assault a female dog unless she is "in season," contrasting this "gentledogly" behavior with humans whom he denigrates as randy and--as far as the male is concerned-- ready to mate at the drop of a bra, towel, or the up or down of what-garment-have-you.

The difference is that we humans do not have a "season" or "rut," but are always ready to mate (except perhaps for those times of the month--now hormonally postponable).

Also, if you are an observer of male dogs, you must have noted that they show not much sexual self-control, but--unless "fixed"--are ready to hump anything that moves, making no distinction between dog sexes as well as between canines and human legs.

But getting back to naked young girls walking about in public, brings me to the prime reason for this second comment. A friend of mine--male--and I, out for air one early morning, after a night of working on a human-life-extension project, were clambering down the rocks of a seashore, when we chanced upon several completely naked human females. There was one naked guy among them, but he was out of it, having smoked or ingested some magic potion.

Neither one of us (my friend nor I) were prompted to jump on any of the naked maidens, as they did not show the least inclination of wanting to mate.

Nonchalant and blase, we chatted with some of the young maidens, then started to climb back up the steep cliffs, with one naked young lady doing the same immediately ahead of us.

Averting our eyes from the sight in front of our eyes, so as not to offend her maidely modesty (as if this could have been possible), we gallantly reached the top.

The point of my relating this incident is not that we exerted immense self-control to keep from jumping any of the girls, but that as we both were covered in that department (sex, hetero in our cases) we had no urge to rape.

In a society where the female body is always swathed, hidden from view of hormonally charged men, any scantily clad, let alone completely naked nubile female, would be asking for sexual assault.