Thursday, May 29, 2008

“I’m glad you asked”
Yashiko Sagamori at her best
by Ted Belman

In response to Peacemongers and Jihadeers by Yashiko Sagamori ( a very exceptional writer), a sincere Muslim wrote,

hello,i am rosli from Malaysia and i am a muslim.i had read what you had writen in the webpage.i totally disaggre the way you mention about us muslim.i think that you did not understand the true meaning of jihad.the best thing to describe islam is “islam is all about peace”.the word islam itself mean peace. i want to give you a suggestion if you want to know islam better you must try to read the translation of the holy quran and observe it or you can log on to website to upgrade your knowledge about islam.ok may Allah give you guidance.

Sagamori responds with respect

Dear Rosli,

When someone wakes you up in the middle of the coldest, darkest night of the winter and complains how unbearable the heat of the sun has become, he is either calling you from halfway across the world or he is blind and sitting dangerously close to a blazing furnace.

When someone tells you in the year 2006 that Islam is all about peace, he can be one of many things. He can be a Jewish liberal looking at the world and the approaching Holocaust through the pink glasses of political correctness. He can be someone as ignorant and unwilling to learn as President Bush. He can be an unapologetic liar like Condoleezza Rice. He can be a ridiculously apologetic coward like Tony Blair. He can be a schizophrenic, because schizophrenics live in an alternate reality. And, last but not least, he can be a Muslim, because Dar el-Islam is an alternate reality . . .
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Posted by Ted Belman

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