Saturday, December 15, 2007


(to governments)

fjordman** writes:

The purpose of the state is to uphold law and order and maintain the nation’s borders and territorial integrity. Western European* governments are doing neither, yet are busy with political censorship and interfering with details of our private lives where they have no business.

It’s time they are reminded that they are our servants, not our rulers. If they will not fulfill their duties, they need to be replaced by somebody who will.

The warning here is to the governments. The people--the inhabitants of the countries, not the so-called "immigrants"--will stand for their governments's inability or unwillingness to stop the advances and excesses of the alien ideology (Islam) just so long. As soon as our people stop being bedazzled by what is happening around them, they will act. We here at this blog--plus all the anti-jihadist blogs in the internet***, big or small--will see to it that the people are awakened and that any government unwilling to bend to the will of the people will be replaced--one way or another.
*The United States is not lagging far behind--as concerns maintaining the nation’s borders and territorial integrity. Although rapes of our women is neither as permissible nor as prevalent as in Europe, especially in Scandinavia and France, the viciousness and intractability of Islam is little undertood not even by the people who pretend to have read the koran (Glenn Beck, for example). Whether by the pressure of their employers (Glenn Beck works for CNN) or by having been given and read expurgated korans (where the hateful--of "infidels"--passages have been made palatable by "interpretation of the original Arabic" probably being given as the explanation. Neither the government, the main stream media, nor the majority of candidates vying for the next U.S. presidency show much understanding of the danger of Islam to our way of life, our system of government, and our civilization. may they all heed the warning given above.

The noted blogger Fjordman filed this report via Gates of Vienna.

***See for the incomparable najistani's list of anti-jihadist blogs.

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